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If you haven't been, then it's time for you come to Just Fired's Summer Workshops.  We have planned some very creative and fun workshops for your children (6+ years old) to attend each Wednesday during the Summer beginning on June 15th.  All Workshops are from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and cost $47.70 ($45.00 + tax).  When you attend one Workshop at full price, any additional Workshop your child attends will be 10% off.  Lunch, snacks and beverages are provided at each Workshop. 

June 15th    Don't Be Afraid of the Dark   We will be painting an Owl or a Lighthouse Nightlight today so you'll never be afraid of the dark again.  We'll have pizza for lunch.  After lunch we'll make candles using different colors of Granulated Wax.  Now you can have a light on at all times.

June 17th    Kids and Canvas     "Be Brave"

June 22nd    Super Heroes   Who is your favorite Super Hero??  We're going to paint a Spiderman or Captain America Box today.  We'll have Burger King and fruit for lunch.  In the afternoon we'll paint a self-portrait on canvas as the Super Hero you'd like to be.

June 24th    Kids and Canvas    "Super Hero Signal"

June 29th    Shopkins   Bring in your Shopkins and we'll hold a trading session.  You'll get your choice of a box to paint to store your Shopkins in.  We'll have PB&J sandwishes and fruit for lunch.  In the afternoon we'll decorate a "Shopping Basket" for your little friends.

July 1st      Kids and Canvas    "Uncle Sam's Hat"

July 6th      Finding Dory   We found Dory!!  And, you'll be painting her today.  We'll have pizza for lunch.  After lunch, we'll paint a Goldfish Dish that you can use for lunch or your snacks.

July 6th      Kids and Canvas    "Goldie"

July 13th     Lego Land   Who doesn't love building things with Legos?  We'll paint a Lego Brick Bank today.  We'll have Burger King and fruit for lunch.  In the afternoon, we'll paint a Picture Frame and decorate it with little Lego Bricks.

July 15th     Kids and Canvas    "Gear Head"

July 20th     Life's a Beach   Today we'll paint a beach-themed dinner plate.  We'll have Chicken Nuggets and fruit from McDonald's for lunch.  After lunch, we'll "mosaic" your 1st Initial with sea shells.

July 22nd     Kids and Canvas    "Swimming Sea Turtle"

July 27th     11th Annual Pajama Party   Hop out of bed and come in IN your P.J.'s.  Today we'll paint your own Cereal Bowl.  We'll walk over to Waffle House for lunch.  In the afternoon  you'll get to choose one of our pencil holders to paint.

July 29th     Kids and Canvas     "Wish"





In addition to our Summer Workshops we will be offering Kids and Canvas every Monday morning from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. beginning June 8th.  The price of each session is $26.50 ($25.00 + tax).  As with the Workshops, if your child attends one Kids and Canvas at full price any additional Kids and Canvas will be 10% off.  We will offer a unique painting each week during the Summer.


Please sign your child up for either the Summer Workshops or Kids and Canvas by calling 770-516-3777 or e-mailing us at  We would love to entertain your child this Summer.